Eric Lefkofsky, the Man to go to when you Reach Rock Bottom

What do you do when your life hits rock bottom? Who do you turn to for help? Eric Lefkofsky is one person that has shown the world that anything is attainable with persistence. From the very beginning, Eric Lefkofsky has been a technological enthusiast, working tirelessly to come up with digital systems that help global healthcare systems advance their research on cancer. Also, Eric is a well-known entrepreneur, renowned for being the co-founder of organizations like Lightbank, Uptake, Mediaocean, InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics, Groupon, and Tempus.

Apart from working for Tempus as the Chief Executive Officer, Eric Lefkofsky also plays an active role in the success of Groupon, taking the position of chairman. Taking a look at the life history of Eric Lefkofsky, you discover just how persistent the forty-eight year old can be. While starting out, Eric Lefkofsky sold carpets while in college just to stay in charge of his destiny. From humble beginnings, Lefkofsky has transformed to a man who is currently worth more than $1.97 billion.

Presently, Eric Lefkofsky plays a crucial role in finding a cure for cancer. Apart from financing cancer research, Eric Lefkofsky has gone the extra mile of using Tempus, an institution he co-founded to initiate the use of data-enabled precision medicine. Thanks to Eric’s insights, the world can now have access to the electronic health records, a digital log book of some kind that keeps updating cancer research and patient data. Lefkofsky has always been inspired to create a system that would eliminate all gaps regarding data collection and digital technology, to give scientists a higher chance of finding a safe cure for cancer.

Because of Tempus and Eric Lefkofsky, cancer care has more than improved. Through the tech developed by the company, analysis of patient information has relatively improved in the past few years. Also, Eric Lefkofsky has helped reduce charges associated with genomic mapping all because of his latest technology. The future looks promising in as far as Tempus and Eric Lefkofsky are concerned. Eric has given the world an invaluable tool that in the long run might come in handy in helping save millions of lives.

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Securus Technologies Keeping Inmates Free of Contraband

It may come as a real surprise to some that the inmates in most prisons can easily get their hands on all sorts of contraband while behind bars. Now we are not just talking about drugs and weapons here, we are talking about things like razor blades, toothbrushes, candy, cigarettes, and cellphones. Things like a toothbrush can be heated and sculpted in a way that it can be used as a stabbing device. Anything that the inmates are not supposed to have has the potential to be used illegally in jail.


To try and slow down the efforts of these inmates to get this contraband, we have to take a number of precautions every day. We start by doing cell inspections even before the inmates have the chance to wake fully. We put a huge force in the inmate visitor center so we can search anyone inside that facility for things they do not need to have. We monitor mail and we even listen in to when the inmates make telephone calls, more intently than ever before.


When Securus Technologies installed our new call monitoring system in this jail, it became one of the resources we could not live without. The ability to monitor inmates on the phone more importantly just raised the bar as far as keep things out of their hands that could be used to hurt others.


Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas, Texas. The company has 1,000 employees and systems in thousand of jails. The CEO, Rick Smith, says his employees are all committed to making the world a safer place to live. The LBS software scans calls and alerts my teams when there is conversations about things like contraband, allowing us to get to the location and proactively clean up the situation before it escalates.


Dr. Clay Siegall Hosts a Blog Posts For The Scientific Community

Dr. Clay Siegall has a blog post that relates to his industry experience and expertise in the scientific world. Here you can find post about researchers, animal species, scientific discoveries, and technological advancements.

You can find photos and links to informative photos and scientific informative articles such as one of his most recent posts involving the fact that Raven’s have the ability to plan, or that scientists have been able to teleport the first photon into space. You can visit his blog post at

As the CEO of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall is both business executive and scientist at the top of crucial cancer research today. He is working diligently to eliminate the need for ineffective and damaging chemotherapy as a treatment for cancer, and hopes to implement new successful treatments that will aid in the cure for cancer in years to come. He wants to create a treatment that will be effective and less harmful to patient’s who would otherwise spend their critical healing time, feeling sick, instead of getting well.

He accolades include the invention of the first FDA approved antibody drug conjugate or ADC known as ADCetris. The FDA drug is now approved for three applications in oncology treatment and he is working on several more in collaboration with a variety of research projects.

As an accomplished business executive he is Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of Seattle Genetics. He also serves in several highly acclaimed executive roles at several pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms. He serves as Board of Director of Mirna Therapeutics, and on the Board of Directors of Ultragenyx

Dr. Clay Siegall obtained a PhD froom George Washington University and a Bachelor of Sciende degree from the University of Maryland. His education aids in the advancement of medicine, research, and hopefully one day, a cure for cancer.


Lifeline Screening Provides Cost Effective Tests For Everyone

Lifeline Screening is a company that offers inexpensive and accessible medical screening and testing for the general public. Many people are reluctant when it comes to annual checkups with a doctor because of the cost and the hassle of going through the medical system. People do not want to put up with the formality of medical system, even though it is usually the best route for them to take.

This is where Lifeline Screening comes into the picture. For a very reasonable cost, Lifeline Screening performs a variety of screenings that can pinpoint the state of a person’s health in an easy and inexpensive manner. Lifeline Screening located at various published locations and at many employer worksites.

Utilizing several methods of screening, Lifeline Screening never uses any invasive procedures and all results are forwarded to the patient’s doctor for further review and treatment if necessary. Over the years there have been many findings that have saved lives especially from heart related conditions and early cancer detection.

It is safe to say that many of the major diseases and conditions do not show much in the way of symptoms in the early stages. Many such situations were life-saving events for people when Lifeline Screening discovered life-threatening situations.

Ultrasound testing is a major aid in discovering blood flow in the arteries and blockages. The Carotid arteries in the neck are the primary passageway for blood to the brain and if these arteries become clogged it can spell serious trouble. Ultrasound is also very useful for the determination of cardiovascular disease, aneurysms, and bone density for the purpose of testing for osteoporosis risk.

The finger-stick blood test uses only a few drops of blood from which a full lipid blood panel can be created. This tests for the cholesterol levels including HDL and HDL cholesterol. Glucose testing screens for diabetes and the test for C-reactive proteins measure for cardiovascular disease.

A limited electrocardiograph tests for atrial fibrillation, or A-Fib for short. This is an irregular heartbeat which can be serious as it can create blood clots. Blood clots can result in stroke. This can usually be easily treated, but if it is not found it can result in serious consequences.

All of the Lifeline Screening results are available to the patient’s doctor for further follow up and treatment.

Parents Interview Teachers for the D.C. Charter Schools

The Southeast Washington construction site barely looks like a school. However, two parents navigated through the system to see if they can secure the best education for their capabilities. In fact, the system will encompass a nursing station, a computer laboratory, and a still gym. The Rocketship charter school is the best thing about this structure. It will be located at the point where the system intersects with the city. While the doors will connect to the classrooms, they will not be capable of allowing the imaging stations to develop facilitated stabilities. This means that younger students will not be allowed to lollygag behind the doors as they are pointed out to the staffroom.

Two parents are mow planning to send both of their children to the school. This is because it provides a beautiful view of what education can do to people who are willing to achieve the best in the industry. The two parents have decided to develop a base for their children as it offers the best opportunity to develop intrinsic capabilities in this area. For those who need fast income, they must also secure the best education for their children as it is the long-term investment anyone cannot afford to lose.

The two parents also decided to interview some of the teachers who are expected to teach their children. This means that they wanted to ascertain the quality of teachers who will issue the students with the necessary education to facilitate better business income. Some candidates have also been swayed to get an offer to make more money as it is best for business. What we can see from this parents is that they are dangerous with the education they want their children to get at the end of the exercise. This means better business for those who survive to see the future of the world. Few parents have had animated backgrounds that do not necessarily mean they got the best education. However, the modern world does not allow the shaggily-educated people to take on the best jobs in the world. If you are looking towards securing fast income, do not hesitate.

UKV Involvement in Wine Investment

Statistics reveal that currently the wine market is experiencing an unprecedented demand due to the emerging new markets. Wines appreciate in price as they become scarce consequently; they become increase in demand as they grow in age. Lately, there has been an increase in the number of investors interested in wine investment. However, investment in the wine business is not easy. This is because it requires great knowledge and understanding of the wine market. For this reason, the services of a market adviser are important for anyone aspiring to indulge in the wine business. A good example of a dedicated wine consultant agency is UKV.

About UKV

UKV is an independent wine company, which has a dedicated team of wine consultants who are capable of guiding investors through wealth management in the new wine business. The company’s large network of operators ranging from brokers, traders, merchants, to supplies enables it to source and draw stock from the highly sort after wines.

Why UKV Advices on Wine Investment

Recent studies reveal that leading wines have had good reputation over the years and have performed quite well as compared to traditional investments. Additionally, certain wines are speculated to have extremely low production whereby a chateau cannot produce more of the previous stock. This is to mean that when wine is consumed over time, its global stock depreciates but its demand continues to grow. As a result, the stock becomes scarce and its price continues to grow. UKV’s specialized team of expert utilizes its broad network to search for the rare brands, which are later retailed through their several stores.

UKV experienced consultants utilize their knowledge of the market to ensure they deliver the best wines available to suit your business at a budget friendly approach. To add on this, the company provides their clients with financial advisers who provide financial advice based on tax implications and other financial elements involved in the wine investment. Finally, UKV quality service and professionalism in the field of wine investment has raked them one of the most profitable wine businesses in the world.

Cosmetic Guru Introduces Scandal To The Cosmetic Industry

Are you tired of your usual look and want to make improvements from the dull neutral colors you’re originally use to? Lime Crime cosmetics offers a line of lipstick and eye-shadow products that offer amazing all day coverage with completely waterproof products. Ironically, LC cosmetics were the first of their kind to offer their wearers velveteen matte base and super-foil cosmetics that go on with a smooth moisture and dry to a complete perfection when and where you need. Their products are popular among their wearers and demand they be unapologetic about the way they choose their color scheme. Learn more:


If you suffer from sensitive skin, LC cosmetics are hypoallergenic and offer a LEAP Bunny approved certification that goes along with being safe for all skin types. Their founder, Doe Deere, is a self proclaimed marketing analyst and technology expert. She advises her wearers to be confident in their craft and work on it daily to become successful. She admits, she never listened to her naysayer’s because they always had a negative way of thinking about their intricate color scheme she was set to design. If she would have listened to the negative people around her, the Lime Crime brand would have never been born. Learn more:


YouTube has a line of videos that feature thousands of women around their world who have purchased LC products with their own money and have decided to showcase their tips and ideas for other users. You can get great ways from the internet on ways to wear, blend, mix, match, and remove LC cosmetics. It is also a way for you to share tip ideas on how you wear the famous cosmetic brand. If you’re interested in accessories, shoes, and clothing items that blend well with their bright colors, visit their sister company, Dolls Kill.


Deere, began marketing products at the tender age of thirteen. While in Russia, she began to market novelty tattoos to her friends by wearing them. She would later sell those temporary tattoos to her friends and decide she had a niche for selling products to her friends and having a product they would love. When Deere moved to New York she would later join design school and decide she would get her certification from design school. She worked hard at perfecting the way she wanted to put together her colors and would later create the Lime Crime cosmetic brand for her loyal fan base. Learn more:


There is a new Scandal lipstick brand that is taking over the industry with a beautiful purple-violet hue. The brand is a product of the Lime Crime brand that also offers an impressive line of eye-shadow and lipstick products. The Scandal line has become very popular among their 1.4 million Instagram followers for bring a one of a kind color. Deere continues to brand her cosmetic line and expand her take on bright colors. Their is a Unicorn hair dye collection that is set to hit the market very soon. Become a part of Lime Crime by visiting their official website today.


Fantasy Football Rankings is moving on up

For Martavis Bryant 2016 was suppose to mark as being his 3rd-year breakout. He was suppose to be highly looked at as a coveted mid-round WR. His speed is said to come in at an amazing 4.42 speed.

After Bryant was drafted into the 4th round in 2014 he was unfortunately, not able to play in the first 6 games due to his poor performances. He was able to make a comeback into everyones heart by being able to score, in his first career reception, a 35 yard TD.

Unfortunately Bryant was suspended again in 2015 out of the first 4 games for a failed drug test. Over at Fantasy Footballers podcast they make it their number one priority to make sure that they take a professional approach towards following fantasy football.

Fabletics: A Kate Hudson Success

Kate Hudson is known for her brilliant acting and astonishing tastes in fashion. Truly, she’s considered one of the great fashion icons of today. So, it would only seem natural that she would start her own fashion company. To many people’s surprise, she started an ‘activewear’ brand called Fabletics.

Kate Hudson is also known for her incredible body. She is very health conscious and takes pride in her ability to stay in shape. That’s why Fabletics is such a personal project for her. Fabletics offers fashionable exercise outfits that can be worn anywhere at affordable prices.

Fabletics is a very high-value brand by today’s standards. Even by old standards, Fabletics would be considered a high-value brand. In the old days, high-values brands were determined by price and quality. These days, high-value brands are determined by the extra mile that companies are willing to go for their consumers.

Fabletics has nailed down the perfect strategy for satisfying customers. They’ve even begun opening physical stores. Like Apple and Warby Parker, Fabletics had to rethink the traditional retail store. The strategy they chose is working wonders for the brand. So far, they have 16 stores in major cities across America. The brand is also thinking about expanding that number by the end of next year.

Like Apple and Warby Parker, Fabletics came face to face with the modern consumer’s idea of saving money. Unfortunately, that meant cutting the more familiar brands out of the equation. A lot of people browse in stores only to buy cheaper somewhere else.

To counterbalance that negative effect, Fabletics introduced a strategy it refers to as “reverse showrooming”. Because of Fabletic’s unique beginnings, they’ve reversed that model to help themselves as much as their members. Their retail stores also offer extra features to lure potential members into joining.

There are a plenty of things about Fabletics that anyone even remotely interested in joining will like. For a start, they have a lifestyle quiz people can take to see what kind of outfits Fabletics would select for them. Fabletics also allows members to skip membership payments for the months they don’t buy anything.

According to one non-sponsored reviewer, Fabletic’s inventory is filled with a variety of styles made from good quality materials. Everything from Fabletics is actually worth the money and can rival other brands.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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Preparing for the Next Heatwave with Goettl

The first heatwave of the summer is over. It has been a brutal heatwave. For people that have made sure that their air conditioner is in top condition, there is going to be a smaller energy bill. For those that have had to deal with a hard working air conditioner, they may be faced with a lot of money to pay this month. Fortunately, there are things that could be done to increase the efficiency of the air conditioner. Among these things that could be done is call for maintenance services on the air conditioner unit so that it can improve.

Even on the slightly cooler days of summer, it is important that people get the air conditioning they need. For one thing, there are a lot of dangers to being exposed to the heat for too long. A home without air conditioning could be every bit as hot as outside. This is one of the reasons that a lot of precautions need to be taken so that one can not only have the most effective air conditioning in the home but also the most energy efficiency possible.

While a lot of the maintenance work can be done personally, professionals like Goettl offer their expert services for some of the more complicated jobs. For one thing, there are plenty of components to the air conditioner. Therefore, only the professionals at Goettl are going to know exactly what the problem is. They are also able to catch potential problems in the air conditioning units before they become too big of a problem. One of the worst things that could happen to a resident is to wake up on a very hot day only to find that the air conditioner is no longer working. Goettl professionals are good about preventing that from happening.

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