Cosmetic Guru Introduces Scandal To The Cosmetic Industry

Are you tired of your usual look and want to make improvements from the dull neutral colors you’re originally use to? Lime Crime cosmetics offers a line of lipstick and eye-shadow products that offer amazing all day coverage with completely waterproof products. Ironically, LC cosmetics were the first of their kind to offer their wearers velveteen matte base and super-foil cosmetics that go on with a smooth moisture and dry to a complete perfection when and where you need. Their products are popular among their wearers and demand they be unapologetic about the way they choose their color scheme. Learn more:


If you suffer from sensitive skin, LC cosmetics are hypoallergenic and offer a LEAP Bunny approved certification that goes along with being safe for all skin types. Their founder, Doe Deere, is a self proclaimed marketing analyst and technology expert. She advises her wearers to be confident in their craft and work on it daily to become successful. She admits, she never listened to her naysayer’s because they always had a negative way of thinking about their intricate color scheme she was set to design. If she would have listened to the negative people around her, the Lime Crime brand would have never been born. Learn more:


YouTube has a line of videos that feature thousands of women around their world who have purchased LC products with their own money and have decided to showcase their tips and ideas for other users. You can get great ways from the internet on ways to wear, blend, mix, match, and remove LC cosmetics. It is also a way for you to share tip ideas on how you wear the famous cosmetic brand. If you’re interested in accessories, shoes, and clothing items that blend well with their bright colors, visit their sister company, Dolls Kill.


Deere, began marketing products at the tender age of thirteen. While in Russia, she began to market novelty tattoos to her friends by wearing them. She would later sell those temporary tattoos to her friends and decide she had a niche for selling products to her friends and having a product they would love. When Deere moved to New York she would later join design school and decide she would get her certification from design school. She worked hard at perfecting the way she wanted to put together her colors and would later create the Lime Crime cosmetic brand for her loyal fan base. Learn more:


There is a new Scandal lipstick brand that is taking over the industry with a beautiful purple-violet hue. The brand is a product of the Lime Crime brand that also offers an impressive line of eye-shadow and lipstick products. The Scandal line has become very popular among their 1.4 million Instagram followers for bring a one of a kind color. Deere continues to brand her cosmetic line and expand her take on bright colors. Their is a Unicorn hair dye collection that is set to hit the market very soon. Become a part of Lime Crime by visiting their official website today.