Dr. Clay Siegall Hosts a Blog Posts For The Scientific Community

Dr. Clay Siegall has a blog post that relates to his industry experience and expertise in the scientific world. Here you can find post about researchers, animal species, scientific discoveries, and technological advancements.

You can find photos and links to informative photos and scientific informative articles such as one of his most recent posts involving the fact that Raven’s have the ability to plan, or that scientists have been able to teleport the first photon into space. You can visit his blog post at https://claysiegallblog.wordpress.com/.

As the CEO of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall is both business executive and scientist at the top of crucial cancer research today. He is working diligently to eliminate the need for ineffective and damaging chemotherapy as a treatment for cancer, and hopes to implement new successful treatments that will aid in the cure for cancer in years to come. He wants to create a treatment that will be effective and less harmful to patient’s who would otherwise spend their critical healing time, feeling sick, instead of getting well.

He accolades include the invention of the first FDA approved antibody drug conjugate or ADC known as ADCetris. The FDA drug is now approved for three applications in oncology treatment and he is working on several more in collaboration with a variety of research projects.

As an accomplished business executive he is Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of Seattle Genetics. He also serves in several highly acclaimed executive roles at several pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms. He serves as Board of Director of Mirna Therapeutics, and on the Board of Directors of Ultragenyx

Dr. Clay Siegall obtained a PhD froom George Washington University and a Bachelor of Sciende degree from the University of Maryland. His education aids in the advancement of medicine, research, and hopefully one day, a cure for cancer.