Fabletics: A Kate Hudson Success

Kate Hudson is known for her brilliant acting and astonishing tastes in fashion. Truly, she’s considered one of the great fashion icons of today. So, it would only seem natural that she would start her own fashion company. To many people’s surprise, she started an ‘activewear’ brand called Fabletics.

Kate Hudson is also known for her incredible body. She is very health conscious and takes pride in her ability to stay in shape. That’s why Fabletics is such a personal project for her. Fabletics offers fashionable exercise outfits that can be worn anywhere at affordable prices.

Fabletics is a very high-value brand by today’s standards. Even by old standards, Fabletics would be considered a high-value brand. In the old days, high-values brands were determined by price and quality. These days, high-value brands are determined by the extra mile that companies are willing to go for their consumers.

Fabletics has nailed down the perfect strategy for satisfying customers. They’ve even begun opening physical stores. Like Apple and Warby Parker, Fabletics had to rethink the traditional retail store. The strategy they chose is working wonders for the brand. So far, they have 16 stores in major cities across America. The brand is also thinking about expanding that number by the end of next year.

Like Apple and Warby Parker, Fabletics came face to face with the modern consumer’s idea of saving money. Unfortunately, that meant cutting the more familiar brands out of the equation. A lot of people browse in stores only to buy cheaper somewhere else.

To counterbalance that negative effect, Fabletics introduced a strategy it refers to as “reverse showrooming”. Because of Fabletic’s unique beginnings, they’ve reversed that model to help themselves as much as their members. Their retail stores also offer extra features to lure potential members into joining.

There are a plenty of things about Fabletics that anyone even remotely interested in joining will like. For a start, they have a lifestyle quiz people can take to see what kind of outfits Fabletics would select for them. Fabletics also allows members to skip membership payments for the months they don’t buy anything.

According to one non-sponsored reviewer, Fabletic’s inventory is filled with a variety of styles made from good quality materials. Everything from Fabletics is actually worth the money and can rival other brands.

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