The Success Journey of Marc Sparks

Mark Sparks began his entrepreneurial journey after graduating from high school with a mere C+. Since then, he has established many companies, some which have developed to become successful and huge while others have not been quite successful as planned. Despite all this, he has never looked back. Instead, he has continued establishing and selling companies for a quite some time now. He says that every step along the way has been significant and he doesn’t regret any decision he has had to make over the years. Learn more:


This entire journey, which is summed up to over 30 years, has been put down in a book which he titled “They Can’t Eat You“. In the book, Mark describes his journey, the challenges he faced, how he overcomes them, and most importantly what the lessons captured. In the book he also seeks to prove the cliché notion that to succeed in life, one must have a degree or be well educated, using himself as an example. He offers 50 facts he believes can help anyone craft their way to success and create as successful venture from scratch. The book is available on Amazon going for $9.99.


Mark likes referring himself as the entrepreneurs’ entrepreneur. This is because he gives funding to various qualifying startups and helps them grow. It is to this effect that he founded Timber Creek Capital where he is currently the CEO. The company which is based in Dallas seeks to turn the dreams of young entrepreneurs into reality by providing them with capital, necessary tools, working space, relevant legal requirements, web solutions, market, and overall the intellectual, entrepreneurial advice that could help a business from the foundation to achieving market prowess. Blue Jay Wireless and Cardinal Telecom LLC are the best examples of companies that have developed as a result of intervention by Timber Creek Capital. Learn more:


Mark believes that being rich is about being happy with family and being healthy as opposed to just having a lot of money. He says that he is not afraid to fail in anything citing that a person cannot always win in life and that there is a time when you will fall but you will need to get up again!


Mark Sparks has been involved in numerous philanthropic activities which he uses to give back to the community. Most common is the Samaritan Inn, the only homeless resident in Texas. He and his wife acquired the inn in the mid-80s and have been running it up to date. The Inn provides shelter, food, and health services to 160 people every night who are unable to find shelter. Through his non-profit organization, Sparkey’s kids, he has built housing for many families and donated laptops to children around America. Learn more:



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Spotlight on Marc Sparks and His Office Transformation

After being in a single location for more than a decade, Timber Creek Capital, LP’s Marc Sparks has finally moved offices to a new setting. The new setting favors collaboration and it is great for startup incubation. Marc Sparks is widely known for being a serial entrepreneur and owns a private equity firm. He helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses to become income generating companies.


Marc Sparks’ Thoughts on the New Office


Mark Sparks believes that the process of setting up a company starts with coming up with a business model and then finding the resources necessary to guarantee success. He stated that the new design used for Timber Creek Capital, LP enables the company to host about three diverse companies in the facility while offering extensive incubation periods. Marc Sparks explained that his experience as both a student of things that guarantee success as well as being a serial entrepreneur, has taught him the values of conducive working environment. He opined that conducive working environment accounts for 25% or more of all the ingredients necessary for success. He advises people not to cut corners when coming up with their work environment as it determines the difference between failure and success.


They Can’t Eat You


Marc Sparks, is a serial entrepreneur who has started a number of companies. He holds that there is a special flow in any office that maximizes output and collaboration. The serial entrepreneur has shared in his book, “They Can’t Eat You”, a number of failures, successes and the journey he undertook before realizing the various entrepreneurship realties. This rich experience was the reason why he started Timber Creek Capital, LP. This business embraces his 35 years of experience as an entrepreneur and tacking the various stages involved in the launch of a thriving business. Marc Sparks picks a number of companies at a given time and offers them mentorship as well as ensure they have access to marketing, banking, office space and capital. Once an entrepreneur is taken by the system, they lack nothing.




Marc Sparks added that he acquired great challenges as well as overcame difficult circumstances that are associated with entrepreneurship. Marc Sparks has a passion for helping entrepreneurs build on their companies and dreams. Sparks is proud of playing the role of a mentor as he has been able to taste success through focus, passion, faith, tenacity and urgency.


About Marc Sparks


Marc Sparks is the owner, founder as well as CEO of Timber Creek, LP. Mr. Sparks is a philanthropist, serial entrepreneur and author, who values turning great ideas into businesses. Marc Sparks has laid bare his tumultuous journey as an entrepreneur to guide budding entrepreneurs. He is involved with a number of philanthropic activities like building affordable homes, donating laptops and is actively involved with a homeless shelter based in Texas known as The Samaritan Inn.